"Skateboard Wheels; Baklava & Galaktoboureko; CO2 Scrubbers"

S29E01 | Science Channel

Thursday 9:00 PM 2017-06-22


"Grand Finale"

S09E14 | VH1

RuPaul crowns America's Next Drag Superstar.

Friday 8:00 PM 2017-06-23

"The Return, Part 8"

S03E08 | Showtime

Gotta light?

Sunday 9:00 PM 2017-06-25

"Sugar and Spice"

S01E04 | Showtime

Goldie's ex-husband shows up and asks her for a favor. A female fan shows her love for Eddie in an unusual fashion. When Bill takes Cassie to an exclusive party at the Riot House, she has a revelation. Adam meets his comedy idol. Cassie wrestles with what it means to be a woman in the comedy world.

Sunday 10:00 PM 2017-06-25

"Server Error"

S04E10 | HBO

Richard finds himself in a web of lies; Jared plans his exit; Jack bets big; Gavin plots a comeback.

Sunday 10:00 PM 2017-06-25


S06E10 | HBO

Sunday 10:30 PM 2017-06-25

"Champions: Grand Finale"

S07E05 | Food Network

Tuesday 8:00 PM 2017-06-27

"Snap Pea to It!"

S34E07 | Food Network

In the first round, the chefs must make lamb appetizers that include a trendy toast, and one competitor gets a little overzealous trying to make his plates pretty. Poultry and snap peas are part of the round two challenge, then the competitors do their best with fruits and a fermented beverage in the dessert round.

Tuesday 10:00 PM 2017-06-27


"Episode 5"

S13E05 | The CW

Monday 9:00 PM 2017-07-10

"Episode 1"

S07E01 | HBO

Sunday 9:00 PM 2017-07-16


S04E01 | Comedy Central (US)

Wednesday 10:00 PM 2017-08-23


S11E01 | CBS

Monday 8:00 PM 2017-09-25


S03E01 | USA Network

Wednesday 10:00 PM 2017-10-04


S04E01 | The CW

Tuesday 8:00 PM 2017-10-10

"Josh and Rebecca Do America"

S03E01 | The CW

Friday 8:00 PM 2017-10-13

"Chapter Nine: Mad Max"

S02E01 | Netflix

Tuesday 12:00 AM 2017-10-31

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