"Bangin' Backyard Cookout"

S34E08 | Food Network

The chefs imagine they're making a memorable meal for a backyard party in this cookout competition. A wacky hybrid protein and a ketchup stand-in are two of the ingredients the competitors must work into appetizers. Burger fixings but no beef in the second basket force the chefs to get creative, then a clever edible centerpiece meets a crunchy snack in the dessert basket.

Tuesday 10:00 PM 2017-07-04

"Wood Watches; Steel Bicycles; Raw Pet Food"

S29E03 | Science Channel

Thursday 9:00 PM 2017-07-06


"The Return, Part 9"

S03E09 | Showtime

25 years later, the story continues in the quaint northwestern town of Twin Peaks.

Sunday 9:00 PM 2017-07-09

"The Return"

S01E05 | Showtime

Sunday 10:00 PM 2017-07-09

"Wil Wheaton"

S13E05 | The CW

Guests: guest comic Gary Anthony Williams, plus actor Wil Wheaton.

Monday 9:00 PM 2017-07-10


S07E01 | HBO

Sunday 9:00 PM 2017-07-16

"New Beginnings"

S02E01 | TBS

Monday 9:00 PM 2017-07-24

"Rickmancing the Stone"

S03E02 | Adult Swim

Sunday 11:30 PM 2017-07-30


S01E01 | A&E

In the hour-long premiere episode, Rob and his sons visit Preston Castle, a condemned former boys’ reformatory in Ione, CA that was built in the late 1800’s. Since closing in 1960, it has become a California Historical Landmark that is said to house angry, vengeful spirits. With the help of Rob’s personal Shaman, the boys work to draw out the spirit of a murder victim whose residual energy remains at the castle.

Wednesday 10:00 PM 2017-08-02


S02E01 | Netflix

Friday 3:00 AM 2017-08-04

"Episode 1"

S16E01 | Lifetime

Thursday 9:00 PM 2017-08-17


S04E01 | Comedy Central (US)

Wednesday 10:00 PM 2017-08-23


S11E01 | CBS

Monday 8:00 PM 2017-09-25

"Episode 1"

S02E01 | FOX (US)

Tuesday 9:00 PM 2017-09-26


S04E01 | FOX (US)

Sunday 9:30 PM 2017-10-01


S03E01 | USA Network

Wednesday 10:00 PM 2017-10-04


S04E01 | The CW

Tuesday 8:00 PM 2017-10-10

"Chapter Fourteen: A Kiss Before Dying"

S02E01 | The CW

Wednesday 8:00 PM 2017-10-11

"Josh and Rebecca Do America"

S03E01 | The CW

Friday 8:00 PM 2017-10-13

"Chapter Nine: Mad Max"

S02E01 | Netflix

Tuesday 12:00 AM 2017-10-31

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