Disabling OSX Finder's AirDrop Shortcut From Hell

AirDrop is a great thing for transferring files to and from your Apple universe products when it works. Unfortunately, it doesn't work enough to merit a Finder shortcut. Especially when that Finder shortcut is also the same shortcut for Chrome's force refresh.

⌘ ⇧ R

I accidentally attempt a page refresh in Finder at least once a day. That's far more often than I use AirDrop, but you can't remove the AirDrop shortcut as far as I can tell. I even tried disabling AirDrop altogether; the Finder shortcut still brings you to the AirDrop page forcing me to use my mouse (tiring, right?) to get back to the folder I'm working in.

I was able to stop the shenanigans by changing the command shift R shortcut for AirDrop to Bring All to Front in System Prefs > keyboard > App Shortcuts:

That shortcut doesn't do a goddamn thing now and that's very satisfying. Now back to work! Cuz you can!